What another Save The White Hart campaign?????

Nothing to do with us!

The owner seeks the support of locals to petition the council for a free hand out.

The grants (that we’ll all have to pay for eventually), are intended to support hospitality businesses that have had to close, during these troubled times.

The owner’s campaign is not associated with our efforts and I personally cannot support it. To me, this is a ploy to take advantage of safety net deployed for genuine pub operators.

The pub had closed in October with no indication of it’s future.

Here to help and support a new future

The Save the White Hart Campaign team remain on standby, being committed to keeping the White Hart open and serving as a valued village inn at the centre of this beautiful village and community.


Here are a few important facts from scientific studies into the importance of rural pubs:

Pubs effectively contribute to increasing social engagement and community cohesion among residents in rural areas of England

In rural areas, pubs act as essential melting pots for bringing the community together from all walks of life and studies conclude that they provide a vital service that the countryside cannot afford to lose.

The importance of the village pub as the main hub in the community’s infrastructure has increased, offering support to a wide range of activities . Pubs function as physical incubators which foster engagement and involvement among the community, as well as creating jobs for local people and local suppliers.