Encouraging number of objections to the “Change Of Use” Application

I counted over 140 Objection letters on the West Berks website site today.


Having read a few now, it is warming to know that so many people feel  strongly about wanting their pub back. Thank you.

There is no doubt about the impact that the pub closure is having on our community and what will be lost in the future. It is simply wrong to allow a perfectly viable pub, that under the current ownership never met it’s true potential, and which has such an important role to play in this rural community – be closed for the sole intention of making more money.

My point of view – of course!

New Planning Application calls for NEW Objections!

Time is ticking to get your objections in.

Last you year your objections and support made a big difference and we need to call on your help again, as this new application needs fresh objections.

It is more important than ever before that it can be demonstrated that the village wants to keep their pub.

Our goal is to lodge a considerable number more than last time.

Get your objections in before the 10th of February.

See the Main page for guidance and contact details.

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