Time for some much needed Pie

There has been a record number objections in favour of our pub. More so than some major controversial developments that have been proposed.  A few good folk from the team have sifted through these objection and letters pages on the West Berks Planning website (Ref 17/00103/FULD) and collated the data in to this lovely pie chart – Yum.

objections pie

Draw your own conclusions or head over to the site and read a few yourselves, as there are some really lovely letters of support.


Welcome aboard

The Save The White Hart Group would like to thank everyone involved with the campaign so far for their invaluable help.

The huge support from the public has had a real energising effect and can’t be over emphasised.

The campaign group have now enlisted the help of Dale Ingram to help in the fight.
Dale is a recognised authority on the protection of public houses and has worked with more than 100 campaign groups over the past 7 years.

Here’s an extract from her submission on our behalf which was submitted to the planners yesterday. You can read the full document online with the planning application:

6.6 4.5 CS ADPP1 requires that development be ‘appropriate’, ‘limited’ and must ‘address identified needs’ as well as ‘maintaining a strong rural economy.’ We submit that the development of four new private market dwellings in the open countryside in a public house which has served the community for at least 175 years and possibly considerably longer, is and does none of these things. There is no independently assessed need for housing in this location, the loss of a substantial commercial undertaking harms employment and therefore the local economy and the development of four units is not ‘limited’. The loss of a pub use from a non-designated heritage asset constitutes substantial harm to its significance and is therefore the historic built environment. Moreover the loss of a hospitality business in an AONB much noted for its tourism attractions within very easy reach of a major conurbation (Newbury) is of considerable consequence. The development is therefore inappropriate and fails to meet the requirement that development meets all three dimensions of sustainability: Economic, social and environmental

Planning decision deferred.

West Berks planning officers have deferred a decision on the fate of our much loved White Hart Inn,

The reason stated; the owner or her representatives have been given till the end of the month (March) to challenge a new viability report produced by West berks council for this second application. If the officers think the owner has a worthy case, then the decision will go to committee. If not, officers will refuse permission.

To Let or not To Let ? – That is the question

If you were of a cynical mind-set, you would be wondering why the Christies “TO LET”  sign has just reappeared on the Pub – 2 days before the application is to be reviewed by West Berks Planning Dept.

Objections to planapps@westberks.gov.uk quote 17/00103/FULD