Local panel of experts recommend the White Hart Inn for listing as a heritage asset.

Yesterday, Anne Budd was  successful in having the White Hart Inn recommended by a panel of experts to be locally listed. West Berks Council will now need to ratify this recommendation.

To have the WHI locally listed is an important step; whilst there is no guarantee that should the owner of the WHI go to appeal, that the appeal will not be granted.  However, indications are that the appeal would most likely – not be successful.

Thank you again to Anne for all her hard work.

Villagers value the heritage of their Pub.

Thank you to Anne Budd, campaign member and parish councillor for all your hard work in putting together this submission.

Fingers crossed, as we the villagers know full well the White Hart is of exceptional local significance and value. Hopefully the pub will open again one day and fulfil it’s true role in serving the community.

Local listing

Owner focuses to reopen the pub

The Save the White Hart campaign team were pleased to learn recently that the owner, having failed on her second attempt to obtain planning permission for change of use, is now focusing on getting a tenant in place to re-open the pub.   We understand there is now increased flexibility on the price.   Interested parties are urged to contact the agent Tim Widdows on 0118 4021652 to arrange viewings.

While some remain sceptical about the sincerity of this information, considering that there is no mention of furthering the length of the lease, the Campaign Team remain optimistic.

To date, the owner has not decided to appeal. This option remains open to the owner for a further 3 months.